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Frequently Asked Questions:

I want a custom stamp. Where do I send my art?
You can email your art to:

What type of file should I provide for my custom stamp?
A jpeg (.jpg) file will work best. However, we will take many types of files. Please send the art larger than needed if you can. Let us know what width you would like your stamp to be made.

Do I need a stamp block for every stamp?
No, as long as the stamp will fit on the block, you can use one block for any of your stamps. The stamps naturally cling to the stamp blocks.

How do I store my stamps?
It is best to store your clear stamps out of sunlight so that they don't turn yellow. Most Stamps by Design stamps come on a convenient plastic sheet which fits right inside standard baseball card binder pages. We sell these items if you are interested.

How do I clean my stamp?
Wash with water and regular dish washing soap.

Can I press my stamp into things?
Yes. We even make a harder stamp material if you request it. You can stamp right into soap when making soaps, stamp into clay, fondant, cookies, and more. Our regular stamp material will work pretty well for most impressions too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to receive my order in the mail?
It usually takes about 1 week if you are located within the 48 continental United States.

Is shipping really free?
Yes. All stamps ship free worldwide.

How do I get even coverage when stamping?
Be sure to cover the entire surface of the stamp with ink by tapping on an ink pad many times. Or, use a brayer (ink roller) to apply ink. If you have a larger stamp or a stamp with a solid filled space, be sure to use padding under your project. A folded paper towel should work just fine.

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